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Power by Tiger Tecnology Tiger Store Software, Shared cross-platform file System, Enable high-performance collaborative workflows & wrap up more projects faster with Tiger Store. 

True File-level Sharing. Collaborate on the same files in your high-speed shared storage. All connected clients – SAN and/or LAN - see shared storage as a block-level local disk device. 
Cross-platform Solution​. Tiger Store offers the smoothest possible workflow across Windows, Mac & Linux clients. No permission issues or file access problems. 
Storage Access & Availability Management​​ EasilyManage shared volumes available to Tiger Store via fibre channel, iSCSI, or SAS protocols.​ Clients can connect using Tiger Store block-level shared proprietary protocol, SMB or NFS.
Non-proprietary File System, Avoid vendor lock-in and maintain constant easy access to your data - Tiger Store transparently builds on top of your NTFS. Tiger Store also respects file system permissions in an Active Directory environment and ensures security is never a concern.
Automatic File System​ Defragmentation​​, Automatically monitor your shared storage, minimize seek times and increase playback performance. The integrated image file sequence optimizer ensures that DPX, TIFF, etc. file sequences will be stored next to each other on the drive.

Tiger Store acts as a metadata controller that processes requests, coming from Tiger Clients through the LAN
connection thus preventing data corruption when multiple computers access the same file system.
Regardless of their connection, Tiger Clients gain block-level access to each shared volume.

High availability - Failover
Add transparent, automatic failover to your Tiger Store-enabled collaborative workflows and gain constant access to your shared volumes.
Avid Bin Locking​​​
The optional Tiger AvidFS feature available with Tiger Store enables you to have the advantage of a Bin Locking workflow in an Avid Media Composer environment
​Smart Storage Pooling
Combine live NTFS volumes to create a large file system risk-free and optimize your resources with the Tiger Pool add-on for Tiger Store.

Flexible project and user management software for Media & Entertainment

Let’s face it - for studio heads, managing projects and users is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Editors and artists want to use all the features in creative applications from Avid, Adobe, Apple and others, and focus on production, not
administration. One of the greatest challenges of using shared storage is that a user has no visibility on what other team members may be doing. Just one error can cause catastrophic data loss.

Tiger Spaces carves out separate workspaces in your shared storage and users see each one as a local attached drive, which prevents inefficient scanning of workspaces and ensures best performance. You still manage one shared storage space - no added complexities. Optional Avid bin-locking improves collaboration by allowing users to work on the same project simultaneously. Your team can use all application-based collaboration tools with AdobeProductions, and Final Cut Pro.

Monitor and manage workspaces and storage consumption

Don’t get lost ​in your own storage
Create virtual workspaces within your shared storage – your team will only see the ones they have access to and can mount them as desktop drives. Tiger SAN storage and any NAS (SMB & NFS protocols) supported.
Spend less time managing
Group your team members by client, project, season, or episode or by graphics, color, audio; add the right permissions, and minimize data loss due to overwrite conflicts. Admin dashboard analytics available.
Achieve precise user a ccess​
Assign the right users and groups to the right projects and keep your work away from prying eyes. Native Spaces users and groups and Active Directory users are supported.​


U2 Version with Bezel

U2 Version with out Bezel

Thunderbolt Configuration

LAN 1Gb and 10Gb Configuration

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